Mesa Fresh Lacrosse announces the 2020 Teams-Schedule

Updated: November 5, 2016

Mesa Fresh Lacrosse is excited to announce the 2020 Teams.   This fall the Elite team will be playing in the following events:

Elite Schedule

Crab Fest November 6th at Boys Latin

2020 Mesa Elite  Nov 12th 

10am vs. HHH  Field 1

12pm vs Leading Edge Field 4

2 vs. Madlax Field 4

November 20th 3D National at Middletown, DE

Select Schedule

November 6th QuakerFest at Radnor HS

8:30 vs Team Turnpike Field 2

11:30 vs. Tri-State Field 1

2:30 vs. Fusion

November 13th King of the Mountain at Lehigh U

9:20 vs. Edge 2020 Goodman Campus Field 1

11:00 vs. Rhino SYR 2019/2020 Goodman Campus Field 3

12:40 vs. Leading Edge 2020 Goodman Campus Field 1

Top seeds will play in playoff at 2:20pm



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