Mesa 2019 Players Selected for Philly Freshman Showcase Fab 40 All Star Team

Updated: November 22, 2015

The Philly Freshman Showcase is a two part event featuring an individual showcase and elite team tournament. The Philly Freshman Showcase attracts lacrosse’s most elite young talent and most complete collection of college recruiters. 200 of North America’s most talented freshmen are selected from to compete in front of college coaches. The highly coveted group of Fab 40 All-Stars were selected based on Showcase’s All-Star committee representatives. Fab 40 All-Star selection lists will be printed and e-mailed to college coaches.

Mesa Fresh 2019 goalie, Zac Hanway, and LSM/D Ryan Niggeman were both selected for the Fab 40 all-star game on 11/21/15.  Historically, Fab 40 All-Star games have been the source of many success stories. The Fab 40 All-Start game is the headline event for college coaches seeking top talent.

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