Mesa Players Recognized As 2019 Standouts from NLF Showcase and Crab Feast

Updated: June 28, 2016
Ty Xanders, of Recruiting Rundown, attended the NLF Showcase and Crab Feast and recognized several Mesa 2019 players as standouts at those events.  From the website…
Perennially one of the most well attended team tournaments of the summer, the Baltimore Crabs organization hosted their annual Crabfeast for the classes of 2017 through 2020, welcoming over 110 college coaches to a multitude of different sites in the area.
Before the team event went down, the NLF hosted a fantastic one-day event to showcase the rising sophomore Class of 2019s from the participating teams, providing an extra look at a ton of uncommitted (and committed) talent. I honed in on the ’19s on each of the three days, also receiving help from intern T.J. Oursler on Saturday.
Peter Garno, M, Mesa Fresh / Haverford (Pa.)
The UVA-bound Philly product is a polished middie who found ways to get his hands free for accurate shots, both on the run and with time and room.  Garno has clearly put a lot of time in on the wall, as he has a great stick and efficient release.  He had a quick burst out of his split dodge that allowed him to create separation and consistently get off high percentage shots.  Garno is a deadly shooter with a technically sound overhand release, burying a number of shots within twelve yards both of the times I saw him play.
Gavin McGill, M/FO, Mesa Fresh / Malvern Prep (Pa.)
Ryan Niggeman, LSM, Mesa Fresh / Haverford (Pa.)

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