Gavin McGill Selected for The FaceOff Academy

Updated: October 29, 2015

Mesa Fresh 2019 Midfielder, Gavin McGill, has been selected to attend the Face Off Academy National Showcase

Statement from Greg Gurenlian, Face-Off Academy co-founder and 2015 MLL MVP and World Champion:

“In 2013, the FOA ran our first ever national showcase. The idea was to finally bring together the best FOAthletes in the country to train together and compete against one another under one roof. Our goal was to make sure that this event is the pinnacle for FaceOff men all over the world with the most intense training on Saturday followed by the most professionally run head-to-head championship the following day on Sunday. We hired college coaches to come help us evaluate and rank the talent along with speakers and demonstrators at the top of the sport. That first year we had 77 athletes attend and it was incredibly successful. The 2014 Showcase was hosted at a larger complex at NJ and hosted 150 athletes with absolute rave reviews from athletes, parents and coaches, recapped by Ty Xanders here. This year’s event is a combination of FOAthletes that are both uncommitted and uncommitted ranging from the 2021 class through 2016.

Our reputation at the FOA speaks for itself with our athletes learning the top techniques while being trained by current Major League Lacrosse players who are all full-time coaches. We put our hearts into our coaching and spend every day discussing how we can better serve our athletes and their families. This roster is the cream of the crop, featuring some of the greatest FO talent int he country, both discovered and yet to be discovered. We will have another top notch coaching staff and we couldn’t possibly be more excited.”

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